Thursday, June 11, 2015

The HSTJ Center

You may have read a little bit about the HSTJ Center in previous posts. If you're curious, then please read on to discover this exciting new workspace enabling volunteers to accomplish much more than ever before. 
  • What is the HSTJ Center?
  • Where is it located?
  • When was it inaugurated?
  • What is its purpose? 
  • How many have benefitted?
Since 2006 HSTJ has sought to reduce the overpopulation of suffering animals in Tijuana. We now offer subsidized veterinary services through the Buenos Aires Clinic located inside the HSTJ Center.

What is the HSTJ Center?
It is not a shelter. It is a small clinic that provides  free and/or low cost veterinary care, including spay/neuter, on a daily basis for rescues or families with limited resources. 
The general setup is that of a modest but well-equipped veterinary clinic with an adjoining bath and grooming station. 
The facility includes a sophisticated anesthesia  machine and an ultrasound which allow us to handle special cases. We have what we need; the foreseeable challenge would be the expense of purchasing   X-ray equipment, so for now, when this service is  required we obtain the services of a mobile X-ray.

Where is it Located?

It is strategically located in an area accessible to the greater Tijuana area via personal or public transportation, and is open during regular business hours, including most holidays. 

20573 Calle Mexicali
Colonia Buenos Aires Norte
Tijuana, B.C. 22810

When was it inaugurated?

The Center officially opened and treated the first patient in February 2014. This was our greatest expansion since we started in 2006. Since then, the demand for these services has been much more than initially anticipated.

What is its purpose?

In countries like Mexico where the greater population is very poor, many could never come up with the money for veterinary care. 
Here you see the vet treating an animal
just rescued off the streets.
We are happy to inform that this little girl
is recuperating well thanks to your support. 
It was our goal to open this facility so that people with limited resources could afford to provide vet care for their beloved family pets or for animals rescued off the streets. We met our goal and opened the HSTJ Center where we offer subsidized services through the Buenos Aires clinic. These include free and/or low cost veterinary care (including spay and neuter) for rescuers and for the general public with limited resources. To receive approval for these services, rescuers must call (664) 120-6714

How many have benefitted?

The HSTJ Center has treated an average of six rescued animals per day for things ranging from routine illnesses to accident cases, poisonings, severe malnutrition/dehydration, and complications from surgeries done by inadequately trained veterinarians. 
In addition to, and aside from our mobile neighborhood sterilization campaigns, the HSTJ Center is  performing an average of 60 spays and neuters per month.
The Center also offers subsidized grooming services as well as medicated baths and dips.


On behalf of Friends of HSTJ, we would like to thank our many supporters because without them, programs such as this one would not be possible.