Tuesday, September 10, 2013

HSTJ's August 2013 Clinics

During the month of August, HSTJ conducted SIX Itchy Scratchy Street Clinics treating a total of 816  animals for mange, fleas and ticks and owners were educated on importance of proper nutrition and sterilization! PLUS one sterilization clinic on August 25, 2013 fixing a total of 34 animals!

August 3, 2013 at Colonia Lazaro Cardenas
August 4, 2013 at Colonia Lazaro Cardenas
August 6, 2013 at Calonia Camino Verde
August 11, 2013 at Colonia Buenos Aires Norte
August 18, 2013 at Sub-Delegacion Salvatierra
August 25, 2013 at Colonia El Dorado - Primera Seccion
To see photos from all August clinics, visit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hstj/collections/72157638552479724/