Wednesday, March 19, 2008

HSTJ's March 16, 2008 Sterilization Clinic in the Colonia Castillo

This past Sunday, HSTJ conducted its monthly sterilization clinic in the Community Center in Castillo.

The day before the clinic, Tijuana experienced some pretty bad weather, rain and thunderstorms. The main road to Castillo had to be closed due to flooding.

If the weather had continued we would have been forced to cancel the clinic - but Sunday proved to be a sunny and beautiful day.

The possibility of bad weather definitely deterred many of our patients, but we were still able to sterilize 6 animals, three dogs and three cats.
Here some photos of our patients:

Here is little Chacho, a sweet 5 pound male Chihuahua

Some photos from recovery
We are always looking for volunteers dedicated to animal welfare to help at our clinics. Please contact Michelle at for more information.