Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January 13th Sterilization Clinic in the Colonia of Salvatierra - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Well the New Year certainly brought a great turn out!
HSTJ's Jan. 13th clinic was held at the DIF Community Center in Salvatierra. We were able to spay and neuter 22 animals! 12 dogs and 10 cats.
Here are some of our patients:

Some patients in recovery:
Two additional HSTJ animals were sterilized later during the same week at a Playas clinic by another volunteer veterinarian.

One female dog was deemed not fit for surgery at the time and started on treatments to ready her for the next clinic.

One abandoned and injured puppy was found on the street near the clinic, it was treated for a pelvic injury and is being fostered by a rescuer so that it can eventually be placed for adoption.

This month's HSTJ sterilization surgeries are as follows:

10 female dogs were spayed.

3 male dogs were neutered.

7 female cats were spayed.

2 male cats were neutered.

Thanks to your continued support we are able to further our sterilization campaigns in many neighborhoods of Tijuana.
On February 10th we will be returning to the Colonia Castillo.
On behalf of the animals, HSTJ wants to extend a big THANK YOU to the sixteen volunteers who participated in this month's clinic.
Please contact Michelle at hstj_donate@yahoo.com if you are interested in helping or making a donation!

Thank you for your continued support.

Friday, January 11, 2008

A Special Year-End Report to our Donors!

A Special Year-End Report to our Donors!

Thanks to your support, the Humane Society de Tijuana ("HSTJ") has been able to bring its programs to the poorest neighborhoods and reach the animals most in need.

Your help has enabled over 480 spay and neuters during the past year! Since its inception, HSTJ has performed over 1000 spay and neuters!

In April '07 we started a street clinic using the tailgate of an SUV and a table on the sidewalk. Now, we have been given permission to use some public facilities. From April '07 through September '07, over 800 animals that have never had medical care, received treatments for internal parasites, mange, minor infections, and were given food and vitamins. Many were then brought to our monthly spay and neuter clinics.

Found in the street, full of parasites, starving and with mange and skin infections. Later, well nourished, free of parasites and infections and adopted by a family.

Found starving and with a tail blown off by firecrackers. Now, well nourished, healed tail stib and pampered.

No govenment statistic exists, but we estimate that there are at least 7000 animals living in the streets on any given day; starving, sick and frightened.

Before: alone and rejected due to disease. After treatment and Street Clinic, adopted by the neighborhood and then by a family.

We take a realistic approach to rescues. It is not possible for HSTJ to privately shelter the thousands of sick street animals needing help. We use your donations to go to the poorest areas and treat the animals so that they are less of a health threat to the people, especially the children.

Once these animals are free of parasites, mange, and infections, they are often "adopted" by the neighborhood and given a place to sleep, food and clean water. Many are then brought to our spay and neuter clinics. WE CONSIDER THESE TO BE SUCCESSFUL RESCUES.

HSTJ has re-defined street rescues.

Pets as well as street animals are brought to our street clinics which are affectionately called the HSTJ Itchy-Scratchy Clinics.

Many are brought for repeat treatments and then adopted by an individual or by a group of neighbors.

Fed, groomed, and ready for special treatments.

Many people who rescue have meager resources and yet they still help the street animals. These lucky animals are being brought to the HSTJ Itchy-Scratchy Clinics.

Public education is essential in reducing the number of neglected street animals.

Because of your support, we have been able to help many individual rescuers by providing medications, food, education, and free or low cost sterilizations.

HSTJ doesn't have the resources to operate a shelter so we depend on your support in order to help those helping the animals in their own home shelters. We help over 30 volunteer rescuers throughout the Tijuana area.

All donations to help the animals of Tijuana may be mailed to:

Humane Society de Tijuana*
641 E. San Ysidro Blvd. #B3-431
San Ysidro, CA 92173

Make checks payable to: Friends of Humane Society de Tijuana

* HSTJ has a 501(c)(3) organization status pending in the USA. HSTJ's current Asociacion Civil [not-for-profit] Mexican Tax ID number is: R.F.C. #HHS060901AY7.

HSTJ receives no government suport. Board members and volunteers receive no compensation for their services.

Although HSTJ has only modest administrative costs, no donations are used to cover administrative costs. All administrative costs are borne by the members of the board of directors.


Thank you for your continued support!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Humane Society de Tijuana Given Award of Recognition in the Colonia Salvatierra

With honor, the Humane Society de Tijuana has accepted this Award of Recognition from the Director of the D.I.F. center where we hold our sterilization clinics in Salvatierra.

D.I.F. stands for Center for the Development of Childhood and Family. These community centers througout Tijuana are Government sponsored.

Humane Society de Tijuana has been recognized for the work we have done in the community. Due to the lack of resources in this area, the Director of the center for development of childhood and family recognizes the need in the community and has thanked HSTJ for the difference we have made in the Colonia of Salvatierra with our sterilization campaigns.

HSTJ has been offered the privilege to use other D.I.F. centers in the surrounding area for our future clinics!
Thank you Savatierra!!